Most women tend to put on an extra baggage during the first six months of their marriage. Condition worsens for those who remain on a strict diet and exercise regimen before wedding to stay in perfect shape. Well, if you think it is all about the contentment you feel after getting in a happy relationship, you’re partially right! And this symptomatic change in figure may happen to both the bride and the groom. So, if you are also getting married and are wary of putting on weight, then read on.

What Causes Post Wedding Weight Gain: What exasperates you most in this after-wedding-weight-gain is the fact that you spent more time with your trainer than your fiancée. You are clueless and never expected the outcome to be so horrifying. Let us find the probable causes of after marriage weight gain.

Change In Eating Patterns: When you are married, you start giving in to the food craving of your partner as well. Most of the times, two of you prefer to have your meals together, which leads to over eating as well. Also, you tend to cook more lavishly for your hubby. This menu often includes the foods that stimulate the weight gain. Men and women have different levels of appetite. Speaking precisely, their metabolism is different. So when your plates become similar, the result may be more taxing for you.

Change In Lifestyle: After marriage, it is quite obvious to notice the changes in your lifestyle. Your priorities change and you start compromising on your health, rather eagerly. To spend more time with your husband you will easily let go of your morning walk and exercises. Late night TV watching while munching popcorns is also one of the culprits that fuels your excess weight. You are no more bound to rock the gym and sweat out to look perfectly shaped up. This shifting of paradigm starts showing off its effects soon after the wedding.

How To Stay Away From Post Wedding Weight Gain: Weight gain may be an obvious aftermath of marriage but certainly not a necessary one. You can avoid it by setting up your priorities and discussing them with your partner in advance.

Plan Your Meals Accordingly: If you can influence each other to eat badly and you can also do the same for healthy eating. So, make a healthy start by shopping together for the nutritious foods. Set the plans for the week ahead and stick to it. Keep some healthy ingredients handy to whip up fast to and prepare healthy-to-eat recipes. Keep your portions small. Also, cooking some new yummy nutritious recipes can help you bond better with your better half.

Spend Quality Time with Each Other: Spending time out with each other should not always revolve around eating at your favorite places. You can enjoy many other healthy activities rather than just eating out. Plan your gym sessions together . If this idea does not excite you, try dance lessons, yoga classes, golf, or exhilarating adventures as such. Apart from sharing the perfect camaraderie, you will also share a healthy lifestyle with your spouse this way.

Give Yourself Some ‘Me’ Time: It is not always required to forget your past lifestyle to slip into a new one. Rather, your partner will always appreciate it if you stick to a healthy routine. You might even inspire him. Plan your weekdays packed with fitness regimen and set aside the weekends to be spent with each other. Interestingly, you can involve your spouse in this planning. Ask him to keep a check on your sweet craving or over lazing.