How to Identify Fake 2000 Notes


How to Identify Fake 2000 Notes : Ever Since New Currencies been launched in India parellelly even fake notes are running in market. But how many of us knows that our Great PM Modiji has got readily kept us available with a solution to identify in between fake and real currencies.

Watch How to Identify Fake 2000 Notes Video:

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After the demonetization of 500 and 1000 notes we see that many are using virtual wallets than physical currencies its due to shortage of cash available in ATMs and At Bank centers which is surrounded by huge and big lines.

Very soon we heard that even fake notes has been released and getting distributing in common public because of unawareness of new 2000 notes reality and originality people are getting cheated.

For this solution, He has come up with a versatile and new technology through an App called ‘Modi Note App’ through which once we put our smartphone scan on it, it starts delivering modiji’s speech on black money. If that 2000 note does not start playing the screen then it means a fake note. But remember this App this available in Google Play store and Any Smartphone users can download it. Ever since launched on 11th November, till now morethan 8000 users got it downloaded in their phones.

Below is the process How to download and use Modi keynote App ?

  • First take your android Mobile phone in your hand and Download Modi Keynote app from Google play store
  • Then Open the App in your mobile.
  • Place any New 500 Rs or 2000 Rs note on the Table .
  • You will See a scanner on the Screen, Place the camera in front of note and tap on the Scanner.
  • Then Narendra Modiji’s Speech will play Automatically when you tap on Scan icon.
  • This trick will Works on only the New note 500 and 2000.
  • If speech does not play then its a fake note currency.