Hyper Aadi Double Meaning Comments On Anchor Anasuya


Hyper Aadi Double Meaning Comments: Hyper Aadi shocking Comments on anasuya. Jabardusth fame Hyper Aadi vulgar comments on anchor anasuya in live Tv show jackpot. A New Gaming show JackPot started on 13th February 2017 in Popular Telugu channel Gemini TV Every Sunday. It will be telecasted in Television Every Sunday at 8.30 pm.

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Hyper Aadi and Rasing Raju from Jabardasth are the guests for this weekend at Jackpot Show. Anchor and actress Anasuya Hosting this Game show ‘Jackpot’ in Gemini Tv. An Another Big Show from Anchor Anasuya after ‘A Date with Anasuya,’ Jabardasth, Drama juniors.