Naga Chaitanya Samantha Enjoying In Pub After Premam Movie Success


Naga Chaitanya Samantha Enjoying : This is the private video in which Naga Chaitanya and Samantha had step together in a pub in Hyderabad. Both were enjoying publicly.

Watch Naga Chaitanya Samantha Enjoying Here

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In recent days, one of the aired topic in social media is Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s Marriage proposal and their love affair. Some said, engagement has been happened some said marriage will be held after some time. Dont believe anything until we see from your eyes. Trust only yourself. When they will get marry, we will obviously come to know about that.

This video is a live shoot in which they are having fun in a pub very recently. Seems couple are happy and enjoying their companion. All the best for both of them !! As how they have rocked on screen hope they will in real life too.